The classroom portion is held at Wagnalls Memorial Library’s Community Building in the historical village of Lithopolis. (Lithopolis is a tiny village just behind Canal Winchester.)

Use the address 122 East Columbus St, Lithopolis, Ohio 43136 if using GPS. Or use this Google Maps Link:



There is street parking available in front of the library along E Columbus St. However, I suggest turning at the stop light (Walnut St) to park in the spacious parking lot behind the library


(This applies if you are coming from Columbus. If coming from Lancaster or Circleville directions, follow your GPS.)

GPS tends to have people take Route 33 to High Street and wind through downtown Canal Winchester.

There is a straighter, simpler route that I highly recommend you take. It involves getting off 33 one exit sooner than GPS might tell you. You’d get off at the GENDER RD/674 exit. This exit is where the Walmart/Home Depot/Kroger shopping plazas are.

If  you take my route you can envision yourself making a capital L. You’d be starting at the top of the L going down, then making the bottom line of the L when you turn left at a round-a-bout. (See the L Shape in these red arrows.)

  1. You’d turn RIGHT onto GENDER (towards Home Depot/Walmart/Kroger). 
  2. Take GENDER until it dead ends at a T-shaped round-a-bout. (3-4 minutes from Kroger area)
  3. Circle around to go LEFT at the round-a-bout. You’ll be on LITHOPOLIS RD. This is the road the library is on. (3-4 minutes up ahead). This road changes names and turns into E Columbus St.

The library will be a beautiful stone building on your LEFT after the only stoplight inside the tiny village of Lithopolis. (You’ll know you’re in the village when it turns 25mph at the Marathon Gas Station.) Turn at the stoplight (before you even see the library) to get to the parking lot behind the building. 



This video will show you my recommended route from Gender Rd. It will also show you how to turn at the stoplight at Walnut to find the parking lot in the back of the library.

(This video mentions Armed2Defend which is the business I own with my husband. The info all still applies to the Pew Pew Mom class you are registered for.)



We will be in the classroom from 9am until ~3:45pm for the 6 hour classroom portion. The range is 4 minutes up the street from the library. We don’t publish the address online. You will get directions in class. We will be on the range 4pm-6pm for the 2 hour range portion. We will not go back to the classroom. 

I hope you are excited! I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

–Alisha Sadeski

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