Fun fact: I was a high school teacher for over ten years before I became a full time firearms instructor. Organizing and color coding are my jam. It just comes with being a teacher.

Did you go to the 2019 USCCA Expo? I did and it was! Seriously.

I’m a nerd who loves learning. It was so awesome to sit and learn live-and-in-living-color from some of the big name trainers I admire.

It was also fun to snag pics with some of them.

It was also fun walking through the Exhibit Hall in between sessions.

We encountered some really great brands and people. We became big fans of HAWG Holsters immediately upon witnessing the owner John’s passion for his product. We also became big fans of NexBelt and MantisX.

I Heart Planners & All Things Organization

One thing I did last year was take the schedule that was in list format on their website and type it into excel. Boxes shown in relation to time and to each other is how my brain works.

The layout I created really helped me get the most out of the expo last year. The problem (and it’s a good problem!) is that there is SO.MUCH.TO.SEE.AND.DO! It’s overwhelming!

Seeing which sessions happened at the same time allowed me to plan and prioritize which I wanted to sit in. Newsflash: you can’t do it all! There are many session that happen at the same time. I had serious FOMO. It was hard to decide which sessions to pick.

(If only I had Hermione’s Time Turner that allowed her to go to multiple classes!)

2020 Expo, Here I Come!

I hope you’re able to go to the Expo! (Say hi if you happen to see me… I’ll be that short blond girl who is all giddy and smiling ear to ear! For me going to the USCCA Expo is like my kids going to Disney!)

I took the 2020 USCCA Expo schedule from and organized it visually. Alisha style. Boxes. Time blocks. Color-coded.

I’m ready to sit down and plot out my 2020 plan. I want to soak up as much learning and experiencing as I can during the 3 days. I have my highlighters, colored pens and post-it notes ready!

If you are going to the Expo and this schedule will help you, you can grab the PDF here!

(I’d seriously be thrilled if you used it! I spent an absurd amount of time on it. I’d love it if more people than just me benefit from it.)

If you can’t make it to Missouri for the Expo this year, no worries. I’ll be sure to fill you in on everything you missed out on! You better believe I’ll be taking my journal for notes and my color coded post-it notes and pens!