Eye Protection

Eye Protection

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The Perfect Safety Glasses!

Shortly after I bought my Teal Walker Razor Slims I did a search for teal safety glasses. Matching ear & eye protection doesn’t make you shoot better. But it does make range time more fun! 😉

I was so excited when I saw these teal glasses on Amazon.  They are my ear protection’s soul mate. Perfect match!

If teal isn’t your thing, there are some other color options including black, red or blue.


I noticed the Amazon product description mentioned that these glasses had an “anti-fog” coating. I was skeptical of how well it would work. I was buying fo the color. 

The regular cheap eye protection I used before buying these always fogged up. Pulling them out a tad from my face would help a little. It was still annoying. But I assumed foggy glasses was something you just had to deal with. I didn’t even know anti-fog glasses existed.

Well, I can confidently tell you that the anti-fog coating on these glasses works! A friend bought a pair after I told her how much I liked mine and she agrees that they do not fog up on her.

I actually lost mine recently. I kept hoping they were going to turn up so I didn’t rush to order a new pair. I was on the range wearing my old regular cheap eyewear several times. They fogged up so much! I had forgotten what a pain that was.

I was constantly wiping my finger inside the lenses to clear the fog. After a few times of that I whipped out my phone and ordered a new pair of these before I forgot! I never want to go to the range with my old glasses again. If the lost pair ever turns up then I’ll have a handy back-up pair or a pair I can lend a friend at the range.

What if I wear prescription glasses? 

If you need to wear your prescription glasses on the range, these are not the right safety glasses for you. You can buy special glasses that fit overtop of your prescription glasses

It surprises me that some ranges do not require people with prescription glasses to wear safety glasses. Brass flies every which way! There is a potential for hot brass to fly sideways and get stuck behind the prescription glasses! Ouchie!! 

Another option is to buy side shields that attach to your prescription glasses. 

If you do alot of shooting you could look into getting custom glasses made. 

Even if the range you go to doesn’t require it, I would still strongly urge you to take the extra precaution and use over the glasses safety glasses or side shields! 

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