Concealed Carry for Ordinary Women

Hi! I’m Alisha.

I love helping women figure out how to fit concealed carry into their lifestyle.

It can be hard as a woman trying to figure out concealed carry.

Think about your circle of friends. Do you know which friends own guns? Probably not. Guns are a taboo subject. We can’t openly talk about these things with just anyone.

As women, we are hard-wired to want to connect with other women. How do we find other concealed carrying women to connect with when we can’t freely talk about guns?


It is a lonely and frustrating path without a tribe.

When we have a tribe we have people to encourage us, share their experiences and give us advice. When learning how to effectively conceal carry we need that kind of support! I don’t want you do this alone.


 Concealed carry is intimidating at first.

It is normal for the idea of carrying a gun to feel intimidating, possibly even scary. If you are new to guns, the gun itself can be intimidating. But even if you are comfortable handling guns, concealed carrying takes some getting used to.

When things feel scary, seeing how other people are doing it can really help. The idea of riding a bike was really scary for my son. Seeing other kids in our neighborhood on their bikes showed him that it was possible and completely normal for kids to ride bikes. 

As women, we don’t really have examples of what conceal carry looks like day in and day out. We are all just left to figure it out in private on our own. Let’s create that community were we see that normal women just like us do this. Let’s open up this taboo topic and make it okay to talk and ask questions. Join the Pew Pew Mom community of women concealed carriers.

Join the Tribe!

Our Facebook Page is your place for getting reliable information, asking questions and connecting with like-minded women.

Concealed carry is a journey.

At Pew Pew Mom you will find helpful information to support you on your journey.

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 You don’t have to do this alone.
 You don’t have to do this alone.