Concealed Carry for Ordinary Women

Hi! I’m Alisha.

I love helping women figure out how to fit concealed carry into their lifestyle.

It can be hard as a woman trying to figure out concealed carry.

Think about your circle of friends. Do you know which friends have a concealed carry license? Or even which friends own guns? Probably not. Guns are a taboo subject so we don’t freely talk about these topics with just anyone.

As women, we are programmed to want to connect with each other. The fact that guns are a taboo topic can make it hard to find women to connect with. It is a lonely path without a tribe.

When we have a tribe we have people to encourage us, share their experiences and give us advice. When learning how to effectively conceal carry we need that support!

It is normal for the idea of carrying a gun to feel intimidating, possibly even scary. If you are new to guns, the gun itself can be intimidating. Even if you are comfortable with guns, the responsibilities we take on as concealed carriers can still feel intimidating. 

I don’t want you do this alone. I want you to have the support and encouragement you need.  

Concealed carry is a journey. At Pew Pew Mom you will find helpful information to support you on your journey. 

I’d love to send you the file for one of my favorite shooting games to play with a friend at the range.


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 You don’t have to do this alone.

 You don’t have to do this alone.