I always read tons of reviews and do lots of comparison before buying anything.

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Car Safes

If you are going to carry a gun day to day there will be times you have to take it off. It’s important you always have a safe place to put it. This takes planning ahead.

I have this small combination safe made by Bulldog. It lives in my car. (In the past I have taken it out for one reason or another and then not had it when I needed it. I now live by the strict rule that this baby doesn’t come out of the car, ever!)

If your particular car has a locking glove box you have an advantage. Your glove box could be used in a pinch. One of our cars does not have locking glove box. If we didn’t have the safe in that car and we had to go in to a school or similar place, we would have no safe place to put a gun.

Being a concealed carrier comes with a great deal of responsibility. Owning multiple safes and thinking through your rhythms and routines is part of being a responsible concealed carrying woman.

Teethering Cord

It’s a great idea to use the provided teethering cord for extra security. You just threat it around something stationary in your car (probably some metal under your seat) so someone can’t smash your window and then run off with the entire safe. The other end of the teethering cord locks inside the safe as you see in this picture. 

Placement in My Car

I don’t like leaving the safe just laying on the car floor where it is visible. I don’t want to tempt a criminal. Most of the time the safe is actually empty because my gun is on my body. The last thing I want is to deal with getting a busted window replaced because a criminal tried to steal my empty safe!

In my old van (it was a 2009 Chrysler Town & Country) I could shove the entire safe under the passenger seat and it was pretty much out of view. I got a new van this year and there is so much default “equipment” under the seat that there is no room for my safe. I was really bummed about this. The only solution I’ve come up with is turning the safe vertically and keeping it as flat as I can up against the passenger seat.

Tripping Hazard!

Not only do I want to keep the safe out of view I want to prevent anyone that rides as a pasenger in my car from tripping! 

Many years ago, I had an elderly family member riding passenger in my van. As I dropped them off at their house and they were getting out of my van they got their foot stuck in the teether cord from my safe and they fell out of the car onto the ground! It was a scary experience and thankfully everything was ok. 

Thinking about where you are placing the safe can help prevent passengers in your car from having any mishaps.

A Note About Combinations

One thing worth noting is to remember to take extra precautions to keep your combination password safe. If my kid is standing next to me I am sure to tilt the safe away from him or use my other hand to cup around as a privacy guard as I input my code. 

If someone you don’t want to be able to access your gun figures out your combination, the safe is no longer a safe place for your gun. (You can reset the code to whatever you’d like if your combination gets compromised.)

Amazon Basics vs Bulldog?

I’ve had my several of these Bulldog safes that I’ve owned for many years. They have served me well. They’ve gotten ALOT of use over the years and held up well.

AmazonBasics recently came out with a case that is very similar and has great reviews. It is even a few dollars cheaper.

The Amazon version comes in 3 different sizes. I recently ordered one in each size. I am very interested in the largest size (they call it XXL) as it will allow my husband and I to both fit our guns in the same safe when we are out and about together.

I will try out the Amazon ones I ordered and see how I think the quality compares to the Bulldog safe over the next couple months of use and then update this page.

I want to help you find gear that works for your concealed carry lifestyle! I don’t get paid to endorse these products. I would never recommend a product I didn’t believe in just to make money.

I have included some affiliate links which means I may earn a small amount if you purchase. It doesn’t change the price you pay for the item. It’s just one way I earn money for the time I spend creating helpful content for you.

If I can figure out how to make conceal carry work in my busy mom life, you can too!

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