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I want to help you find gear that works for your concealed carry lifestyle!

When you become a concealed carrier you know you will need a gun and a holster. That much is obvious. As you go along you will start to realize there are many other things that are helpful and sometimes even necessary.

I spent tons of time and money trying different things out. Here I share with you what I have found works best for me in hopes that I can save you time and money! 

I always read tons of reviews and do lots of comparison before buying anything. My concealed carry lifestyle tools are no exception.

I want items that are super practical and high quality. 

I’ve overthought it so you don’t have to.

Affiliate Disclosure: The categories below contain some affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you order a product through those links. This does not change the price you pay for the items.

I love having this website but it does cost money and time (so.much.time!) to maintain. Affiliate links are one way I earn money so that I can keep providing you with tons of helpful content.

Rest assured that I would never recommend any products that I didn’t use personally and totally love!  

This is a growing work in progress. 

You’ll notice many items here have a “coming soon” status. I’m working, working, working! I want to give you this info but it takes me a while to create them. I’m going as quickly as I can. 🙂 

Have ideas for other things that you would like to see reviewed?

I would love to hear it! You can email me at

Ear/Eye Protection & Other Range Gear

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Everyday Carry Gear

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Gun Gear & Accessories

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If I can figure out how to make conceal carry work, you can too!

Pew Pew Mom exists to help YOU!

Let me know what your struggles are so I know how I can help!


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