I love to learn and grow. I read alot of non-fiction. Ok well, I try to read alot. Mom life is busy. My want-to-read list is always growing faster than I can check books off.

These are my very favorite, must reads for fellow non-fiction nerds. 

The Gift of Fear (Gavin de Becker)

The Gift of Fear is a classic. I heard it referenced many times over the years before I finally read it myself.

The information in this book could literally save your life someday. The lessons are important. 

It is a long, dense book full of information that really isn’t widely available. De Becker does a great job of weaving in interesting stories that illustrate his points. I was engaged while reading it.   

This book will teach you how to recognize danger signals. We all focus on having the skill to defend ourselves. Do we put a worthy amount of time and effort learning how to avoid being in the situation that we might need those defensive skills?

You win 100% of the fights you avoid. Once you find yourself in a situation, your odds immediately become less than 100% that you will survive. I like the first odds much better. I’ll have a much better chance of avoiding the fight after studying what de Becker teaches in this book

You Have the Right to Remain Innocent (by James Duane)

You Have the Right to Remain Innocent should be required reading for every human.

Some stories facts in this book really blew my mind. It will challenge the way you view the legal system.

It was a quick read. I first listened to the audiobook version. When it finished I immediately placed an order for the paperback version. It was a book I wanted to plaster post-it notes all over. 

READ THIS BOOK!! You won’t regret it. The information inside could keep you from unjustly losing the life you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself. 

Hindsight is 20/20. Be aware of this information before you find yourself needing it! And this book is so quick to read and so inexpensive that you have no excuses! 

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