Podcasts & YouTube

Podcasts & YouTube

There is ALOT of great content out there. It’s information overload sometimes. It’s impossible to consume it all.

I want to be sure what I am spending my time consuming is the best!

When I have time for YouTube and Podcasts, these are the ones I go to.


Active Self Protection (John Correia)

The Active Self Protection YouTube channel is an awesome resource. John Correia uses real life surveillance camera footage of defensive encounters. He breaks down the incidents and talks about what lessons can be learned.

YOU WILL LOVE HIS VIDEOS! It’s practical advice taken supported by actual evidence, not theoretical “textbook” ideas. 

Warrior Poet Society (John Lovell)

A couple of years ago I stumbled across this dry fire video by John Lovell. It made me laugh…. I really liked his sense of humor. I started watching more videos on the Warrior Poet Society YouTube Channel. John Lovell has really become a name in the industry. I really enjoy his content and his personality.


Concealed Carry Podcast (with Riley Bowman, Jacob Paulsen & Crew)

There are alot of episodes. They are usually nearly an hour long. I listen at 1.5x speed because it’s hard for me to find an hour to listen.

Over the years I have learned a ton from listening. There’s alot of variety within the episodes. There are interviews, “Justified Saves” stories (current events stories of gun owners who used a firearm in self-defense), some discussion, gun-related news, training tips and more!

Concealed Carry is a Lifestyle.

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